I see each professional experience as a dot linked to the next - a web of sorts, that has created hands on experience in creative leadership, cross cultural communication, empathy, a level of taste and refinement, environmental awareness, and a mentality that finds simplicity through complexity in our agile working environments and shifting retail landscape.


While working in design at Ralph Lauren and Coach I developed an eye for detail - one that was centered around an appreciation for the design process, and deeply inspired by art history, historical pieces, quality and craftsmanship. But I recognized the need to connect the maker and the consumer through an authentic lens that influenced product design and marketing.  

In 2007, I began a 7 year journey immercing myself in remote areas of the world to develop brand identity and strategies for NGOs that told direct stories of quality and craftsmanship.  In 2011 I joined Mercado Global, an award-winning non-profit as Creative Director. I sought to showcase Guatemala’s age-old craftsmanship traditions and leverage Mercado Global’s production structure. I spearheaded the development of Mercado Global, the brand.  

By 2013, Mercado Global was recognized as a leader in ethical fashion by Clinton Global Initiative and the brand expanded to over 200 retail outlets around the world, including partnerships with J.Crew, Target, Comptoir des Contoniers, Japan's United Arrows, and Isetan, among others. But I recognized the need for a deeper connection to the client. I wanted to directly understand their wants and needs - to deliver an experience that felt authentic and personalized. 


By  2015, I sought out digital retailers who were leading through the use of data science. In February of 2015, I joined Stitch Fix as their first Creative Director. My vision was centered around providing an authentic, detail oriented eye to help blend their unique Science + Art model so the visual experience felt cohesive, unique, and elevated across all forms of digital marketing.



By helping brands who have a story to tell and who want to engage with their customer by inspiring them. My vision is to enrich the digital experience - seamlessly across marketing channels with compelling imagery and stories that take the customer on a journey that feels unique and elevated with a modern approach. With the use of data, I'm passionate about delivering results that engage and inspire through an authentic lens.